Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chicken Caesar Salad

Yes, you CAN make salad for dinner and still fill up yourself and significant other. Mine has a metabolism of steal and enough chicken, cheese, and dressing work for him!

Let's start with the chicken:

Grilled chicken is something easy to do, but few do right! TRUST me on this and you will avoid the dry chicken and it will come out great every time!
If you have a meat pounder, pound the chicken to be about the same size and thickness throughout. If not, push with your hand (it gets less gross after a few times I promise). You then want to give the raw chicken a light bath in olive oil so it is coated evenly.  You then want to grind fresh salt and pepper over both sides.  Be VERY generous, particularly with the pepper.  If it's mostly coated in pepper that's perfect.

Turn your grill to medium heat.  Cook on one side until you see the white color you're looking for extend just past the half way point on the chicken.  This takes about 10 minutes on most grills.  Flip it only once, and let the other side cook for 8 minutes.  Take the chicken off the grill before it's totally done, it should be a little squishy to the touch.  TRUST ME!  You are going to put the chicken on a ceramic plate and cover in tin foil.  This method sears both sides and locks in juices.  The tin foil bakes the middle portion and you will end up with perfect chicken.  You can do this with a George Foreman as well, just take off a few minutes early and do the same.  
While the chicken cooks in on the plate, you will need: 
2 head of fresh romaine lettuce
1 tomato 
Shredded parmigiana cheese
Sunflower seeds
Caesar dressing

Chop the lettuce in fine pieces and arrange on places.  Slice tomato into thin slices and arrange on top of lettuce.  Sprinkle with sunflower seeds.  Lightly pour dressing in Z-shaped strokes across the plate.  Sprinkle with parmigiana cheese.  Add croutons.  

At this point the chicken should have had 10-15 minutes to cook while you prepped everything else.  cut into slices and arrange on top of the salad.  If you're nervous cut the middle first and be impressed as to how moist and cooked the chicken is.  If you took it off too early put it back on the grill for just a few minutes and then back on the plate with tin foil for a few minutes.  But, trust me, it should be done and fantastic!  

Stand back and admire this mouth-watering healthy dinner:

and enjoy!

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